Wholesale and Drop Shipping Business – Directories For Your Online Business

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Working from home has been the latest fad in online markets and outsourcing companies. There has come about a new kind of business that is trying to make a wave on the internet. These people are relying on drop shippers and wholesale suppliers for their income as they work from home. With the internet, computer, and small amount of savings, they start a business in the comforts of their own homes. They are inspired by people who have been successful in their chosen fields. However, as beginners, it may be quite hard because starting is one of the hardest part in any business. This is the biggest adjustment of all. You have to research about the market and other things such as the profitability of the item that you plan on selling. Whether you plan to sell clothes or designer handbags, you have to look for reliable supplier to maintain the good reputation that you want your buyers to have for you.
Having a reliable adviser is important in a business especially if there are major decisions to be done. In the drop shipping and wholesale field, you have to look for reliable suppliers and you can find them in online directories. These directories have many listings and they are all verified sellers so all you have to do is to choose the one supplier who will offer you the best deal. Here are the top two directories:
o SaleHoo - this is one of the popular listings for all sorts of people whether you are a buyer or a seller. The reputation of this site is based on the feedback of those who are able to use it and have transacted with those drop ship suppliers. Everybody might not know it but the listings in this directory are being examined thoroughly. This means that before listing the supplier in their directory, the staff will test the products that are being sold. You must remember that although this company is reliable, there is still no 100% assurance that all the suppliers can be relied on. There are still some that will give you problems and headache. In order to prevent getting these problematic suppliers, you can read in the forums regarding the feedback of the people.
o Worldwide brands - this is also similar to SaleHoo and is also popular. This listing gives an analysis about the market. For a beginner, this is also useful. The downside to this is that there is quite a high membership fee. But if you are into trainings and marketing tools, this will be worth it.
Before choosing the one that you want, make sure that you have researched about the pros and cons of each.