Golf Bags for Any Occasion

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Not too many of us have our own caddy each time we play a round of golf, so most of us are forced to carry our own clubs around with us. There are different types and styles of golf bag available to make this job as easy and practical as possible. Let's take a look at the main ones:
Carry Bag
Carry bag as the name implies is a bag that you simply put in what clubs and accessories you need, and you carry it around the course with you, this is the most common of the golf club bags. There are an endless number of brands available and quality will usually be a reflection of the price you pay. With this type of bag you want it to be as lightweight as possible yet still tough enough to be thrown in and out of the boot of your car. Clubs need to fit in well and not slop around as you walk the course as this can be extremely annoying to you, and your golf buddies. Check for comfortable straps, some come with a double strap to aid in distributing the weight of the bag better, and any padding such as for the hip, is usually a bonus.
Pencil or Sunday Bag
If you don't tend to lose too many balls, or bust many tees, then you may get away with one of these stream lined club bags. The amount of clubs and accessories you can carry is limited but if storage is an issue then this could be a good option.
Stand Bag
The stand bag is basically a carry bag that has an extendable stand built into it. A good stand bag will be well constructed, have a good wide stand so it doesn't fall over every time you put it down. Straps need to be strong and comfortable and easy to get on and off. You want the bag to sit at the right angle so you can access all your clubs easily and have access to all your storage pockets.
Cart Bag
If you regularly use a trolley, buggy or cart, then getting a bag specifically designed with this in mind is a good idea. Cart bags come with a multitude of pockets and storage compartments for thing like wet weather gear, valuables and even some with drink coolers. These bags are usually more heavy duty in construction, still light weight, but a little more robust than your carry or stand bag
Travel Bag
The travel bag is usually a strong padded cover that you place over your existing golf bag for when you travel. These come in two types, the hard case and the soft case. Hard case are usually quite bulky but good for protection when flying. The soft case is okay for the boot of the hire car or just for protection when you are putting your clubs into storage.