10 Reasons You Need a Kirby Vacuum

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If you've got a Kirby vacuum, or seen one in action then you'll already know just how good they are, and why they are so popular. If you are considering buying a Kirby cleaner, then here's what you need to know.
1. Kirby have over 80 years of experience, and the products just keep getting better, and are even more useful around the home or workplace.
2. Thanks to the amazing ability of the Kirby vacuum, these cleaners have a huge following. Many loyal customers have had their cleaners for years, and wouldn't swap them for something newer. That's how good a Kirby is.
3. Kirby vacuum cleaners will replace several appliances, so if you're looking to be able to clean and shampoo carpets, polish wooden floors, clean the furniture and curtains, and ensure that your bedding is free from dust mites, then you really need a Kirby vacuum.
4. Because these cleaners are so versatile, and combine all the cleaning you need in one appliance, you don't need separate appliances, which in turn saves you money. In addition, less storage space in your home is required.
5. Even the early Kirby cleaners offer fantastic performance, so no matter which one you choose, or how old it is, it will give you the really clean home that you need.
6. Kirby Vacuum Cleaners are only ever sold door to door. This is so that the legendary Kirby vacuum can be seen in action, so that it's clear to see why it is so good. It will be compared against the existing vacuum cleaner, and will manage to pick up even more dust and dirt from the floor.
7. Because it does so much, there's always another use for your Kirby cleaner. Whether you want to be able to polish your floors, or clean your curtains or bedding, your Kirby is up to the job.
8. Kirby parts, tools and accessories are still available, even for really old models, so there's no need to replace your Kirby. If your Kirby isn't working as it should, then it soon will be!
9. Kirby cleaners will last for years with just a bit of care and maintenance. It's a good idea to get your cleaner serviced annually so that you can be sure that it will continue to give you the performance you expect.
10. Kirby vacuum cleaners are fantastic value and offer unrivalled cleaning ability on a wide range of surfaces around the home. If you buy a especially pre owned Kirby, even from a couple of decades ago, then you'll get even better value for money, and a product that will keep working, and keep your home clean, for many years to come.
Now you know more about why you need one, which Kirby vacuum cleaner will you get?

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